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Christian Teacher Raises Funds for Poor by Growing Plants 

October 2012

A Christian teacher has raised more than £3,000 for charity - by growing and selling plants

Christian teacher raises funds

Rob Wood, of Beaconsfield Baptist Church in Buckinghamshire, raises about £800 per year through selling a variety of plants and hanging baskets to friends and colleagues.

The 59-year-old has helped provide clean water in Cambodia and India as part of work carried out in the nations by British-based Christian humanitarian aid organisation Rope (Relief for Oppressed People Everywhere).

Rob, who teaches design technology at a grammar school in Marlow, said, 'Rope is helping people have access to clean water and as a gardener I appreciate why water is so important.

'It seemed the perfect thing to do to help others in need.

'It's a fantastic way of supporting a Christian charity and the response has been great. I grow some of the plants in my own greenhouse and the others I buy and sell on for profit.'

Rope CEO Graham Fairbairn added, 'Because of the dedication and willingness of people like Rob throughout the country, we are able to help those in serious need.

'It's incredible that such a basic idea can help others throughout the world.'

Rope is committed to combating the impact of oppressive poverty across the world. Motivated by Christian compassion, it works through a network of partners (Ropeholders).

For more information visit www.rope.org.uk
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