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A Church ThinkTank: Sharing Tips, Questions and Ideas 

June 2012

A church is hoping to leave people 'buzzing with practical ideas' when it hosts an ideas swapping session this week

Christians from all denominations will visit Highfield Community Baptist Church in Rushden, Northants for its first ever "ThinkTank" on Thursday night. It will be an evening to share insights, tell of successes and challenges. The agenda will be set by whoever comes, and what they would like to share or receive help in.

'The church is small in number, but with a big heart and has big ideas,' explained minister the Revd Steve Pearman.

'Over the years churches and leaders have come to us and often go away saying, "I've not thought of that idea, I'm going to try that."

'We realised that it might be an interesting event if we called churches together and pulled ideas.'

The programme for the evening is 'very liquid' said Steve. He will open up with worship and an introduction. The rest of the evening will be dependant on what people want to discuss.

Steve said, 'Maybe some will come wanting help with a website, others new worship ideas. It could be that people are frustrated in the ministry they are doing, and need inspiration for direction in the future.

'It's open to all denominations, and you can sometimes learn a lot from how others do things. We just don't know what will happen on Thursday, but that's what's exciting.

'I'm sure many will go away from ThinkTank with some new ideas buzzing in their minds that they can take back to their church situation.

'Some may even be encouraged to take new steps in service for the Lord.'
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