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A walk through the Bible rather than a systematic discussion of the subject
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Portrayal not of a dry academic but a believer fully engaged with the community at prayer
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Tom Wright's call to restore the Psalms to a place of importance in the prayer and spirituality of the Church
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One hundred stories from a range of Christians to help share faith in a natural way
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Must-read biography about Edward Thomas, the war poet who was lost and found and then lost again in the trenches
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How far do the discoveries of science demand that we read the Bible differently from those before us?
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Unity in process: ecumenical activity
Flat Earth Unroofed - a tale of mind lore
God's Story in 60 Snapshots
How To Like Paul Again by Conrad Gempf
The Small Heart of Things
The Secular Terrorist: The slow suicide
As a Fire by Burning - by Roger Standing