This area is dedicated to treasurers who are constantly dealing with receiving and expending money on behalf of the church. Financial stewardship and paying ministers. Our aim is to put easy to access information and links for them to refer to if they need.

Below are the links we thought might be useful in the day to day duties of the treasurers.

Finance Bookshelves
Transform - Current and earlier issues containing topical financial and taxation guidance
Annual Report and Accounts

Taxation Alert - Advance publication of Tax Topics appearing in the next issue (045) of Transform  - 08 November 2016
Taxation Alert - Publication of Tax Topics appearing in issue (044) of Transform  - 29 June 2016
Taxation Alert  - Treatment of reimbursed manse heat and light expenses - 11 March 2016
Taxation Alert - Tax Topics appearing Transform 043  - 11 March 2016
Taxation Alert - Inter-Government Agreement - Declaration to confirm Tax Status

Online filing of minister's tax return  (Revised November 2016) FTG01
Self Assessment and the Minister (Revised June 2016) FTG03
Taxation Guidelines for Churches and Ministers (Revised April 2016) F06
New Form of Gift Aid Declaration FGA06
Annual Church Subscription Rate F18
Employment Allowance F14
Guidelines on Charity Accounts with income under £250,000.00 F02
Guidelines on Charity Accounts with income over £250,000.00 F03
Charity Reserves F07
Budgeting Planning F08
Gift Aid- Making a Claim for 'Top Up' payment for small cash donations FGA04
Income Budget FPB02
Expenditure Budget FPB01

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