Prayer and Worship

As Baptists, we have a distinctive identity, and our aim is to draw on the riches of our tradition to help us understand what it means to be God's people today.  At the same time, we recognise that there is much to learn from other church traditions as we grow in mutual understanding and deepen our togetherness in Christ.

So we are seeking to provide space to think through issues of faith that affect the life and witness of our churches, a task often fulfilled in partnership with others who are not Baptists.  We aim to produce resources that can guide reflection within a local congregation, and that can also contribute to the enrichment of our continuing life of prayer and worship.

Many of our resources, including our current prayer diary, can be found on the Worship and Prayer Resources page.  We also have a page of latest prayer requests, which we would encourage you to visit.

You may also find these resources of interest for planning worship:
Education Sunday
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BWA - for website
Baptist World Alliance Day
Baptists are encouraged to pray for each other on BWA Day, 8 February More ...

There are lots of websites with worship resources for those leading worship. The following sites may be of particular relevance to Baptists:

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church Ministry Team

Dancing Scarecrow

Joint Liturgical Group of Great Britain

Northumbria Community

Order for Baptist Ministry

For more information about prayer and worship in general, please see:
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