The President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain is elected annually and takes office at the Annual Baptist Assembly held in May. The President represents the Union at various events and visits Baptist churches across the Union.
President: The Revd Dr Chris Ellis
President Elect: The Revd Jenni Entrican

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Nominating the President 2016-17

We are now inviting nominations for the person who will serve as Baptist Union President in 2016-17.
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Former BUGB Presidents
2013 The Revd Ernie Whalley (Click here to read Ernie Whalley’s blog)
2012 The Revd Chris Duffett
2011 The Revd Pat Took
2010 No president (following the death of The Revd R Martin)
2009 The Revd K Appiagyei
2008 The Revd Dr J D Weaver
2007 No president
2006 The Revd K O Coleman
2005 The Revd R Searle
2004 The Revd P D Manson
2003 The Revd J C Rackley
2002 The Revd Dr N G Wright
2001 The Revd P J Wortley
2000 Professor G W Ashworth
1999 The Revd M I Bochenski
1998 The Revd D G T McBain
1997 The Revd V F George
1996 The Revd J C James
1995 The Revd P H K Tongeman
1994 The Revd S J Gaukroger
1993 The Revd Dr B Haymes
1992 The Revd E J Westwood
1991 The Revd R Jenkins
1990 The Revd Dr D J Tidball
1989 Dr J Biggs
1988 The Revd Dr C Marchant
1987 The Revd M F Jarman
1986 The Revd D R Coffey
1985 The Revd N P Wright
1984 The Revd F Cooke
1983 The Revd Dr D S Russell
1982 Dr D J Charley
1981 The Revd T F Wilson
1980 Dr S G Browne
1979 The Revd Dr W M S West
1978 Mrs A Alexander
1977 The Revd E A Payne
1976 The Revd F A Goodwin
1975 The Revd S A Turl
1974 The Revd G Cumming
1973 The Revd D H Hicks
1972 The Revd J J Brown
1971 The Revd Dr G Henton-Davies