Baptist Steering Group

Whilst leadership of different kinds is exercised at a variety of points and in a variety of ways in Baptists Together, the key location of organisational leadership and coordination sits with the Baptist Steering Group. This team began its work in 2014 and was formed as a result of the Futures Process. It brings together leaders from Association Partnerships, Specialist Teams and Colleges in order to realise our vision for effective interdependent and collaborative working. As we meet together we are committed to nurturing prayer and discernment as well as fostering authentic relationships. 

We meet for 24 hours, seven times a year and the major focus of our work is about managing the implementation of the broad strategic direction discerned by Council. Our role is to enable action through identifying and co-ordinating the release of our resources of prayer, people, creativity and finance. In doing so we seek to inspire, support and facilitate local churches in their mission.  When we meet we seek to keep the mission of the local church in focus.
A summary of key points from each Steering Group is posted after each meeting and our aim is to consistently provide themes and pointers before each meeting to enable people to pray with us during our time together.

The Baptist Steering Group is led by our General Secretary, Lynn Green and, as well as Association Partnership and Specialist Team representation, it also includes a member nominated by Council and a member of the Trustee Board who acts as a link between these two groups along with our General Secretary.

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Lynn Green

  Lynn Green - General Secretary 
My role is to provide guidance, support and leadership to the BSG, ensuring that we are listening to God, working collegially and are drawing together views from within the whole Baptist family so that we can be faithful to our vision of being a mission movement.
Alex Afriyie   Alex Afriyie - London Baptist Association Minister
I feel privileged to be a part of BSG and pray we can help to bring significant change to the Baptist movement for future generations.
JohnClaydonTN   John Claydon - Regional Team Leader, Northern Baptist Association
I represent the three northern Associations: Yorkshire, North West and Northern Baptist Associations.
StuartDAVISON   Stuart Davison - Regional Team Leader, South Eastern Baptist Association
My main concern that I bring to the Baptist Steering Group is for mission, which should drive so much of what we try to do if we are truly a missional movement. I firmly believe that the word ‘independence’ should be struck from our Baptist vocabulary as it implies a non-Biblical ecclesiology.
David Ellis   David Ellis - Baptist Union Council Representative
With God’s help we are looking to continue to be a Spirit-filled Baptist movement inspiring and using all the diverse talents that we have.
Rob Ellis   Rob Ellis - Baptist Colleges’ Representative 
Principal of Regent's Park College, Oxford
As Principal of one of our Colleges, my role on BSG is to represent the Baptist Colleges.
Marion Fiddes   Marion Fiddes - Trustee Board Representative
I have served on the Trustee Board since September 2013.
AndyHughes   Andy Hughes - Interim Ministries Team Leader
As Interim Ministries Team Leader I represent this Specialist Team on the BSG.
Stephen Keyworth   Stephen Keyworth - Faith and Society Team Leader 
I was appointed to the role of Faith and Society Team Leader in March 2013, and represent this Specialist Team on the BSG.
RichardLewisTN   Richard Lewis - Regional Team Leader, Eastern Baptist Association
I represent the partnership of the Central Baptist Association and the Eastern Baptist Association on the Baptist Steering Group.
Richard Nicholls   Richard Nicholls - Special Projects Consultant
I serve on the Baptist Steering Group as Special Projects Consultant.
GrenvilleOverton   Grenville Overton - Regional Team Leader, Southern Counties Baptist Association
I am convinced the Holy Spirit is leading us into new ways to present God's love for each individual and the world, and I see the Baptist Steering Group having a significant role in this. That's why I am thrilled to represent the West and South Partnership which represents Baptists in the South West, West, South Wales and the Southern Counties Associations.
Dianne Tidball   Dianne Tidball - Regional Team Leader, East Midlands Baptist Association 
I am involved with the Nominations Group, and have worked on budget issues and otherwise generally in seeking to discern God's way forward for our Union.
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