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Re: Diary of a Baptist minister
Unity of brothers and sisters across denominations, praying and working together, is a key in the Turning.
Also encounter meetings, worship, prayer and soaking before going out means being filled with Holy Spirit so we reach people in the overflow of His Spirit. We are not doing it in our own strength but His. Holy Spirit then leads us and guides us to God appointments.
This is Matthew 28.18 in action.
Abba is empowering the body, the bride of Christ to reach out through the Turning to bring in the harvest.

Re: Justice: challenging our perspective 
Helping the poor is important but preaching the gospel is more important.

Re: Negotiating our way through the maze 
This was something I was discussing with my pastor last week. I feel increasingly that 'formal' methods of evangelism such as door knocking, street preaching and evangelistic services are less and less effective. I think the way forward is mainly through organic, i.e. friendship evangelism. I have many non-Christian friends who are wonderful people but in various ways quite hostile to/dismissive of anything to do with faith. They would not darken the door of a church or tolerate strangers showing up at their door or stopping them on the street to try to 'sell God' to them - but they are not averse to having organically occurring conversations about God with their religious friends.
I have also been thinking about Paul in Athens. He worked with their existing knowledge and built on it rather than trashing their entire belief system from the start!
Alison Watson

Re: A free discipleship video every day?
This is an amazing ministry - give it a try - you won't be disappointed.
Andrea Parker (via Twitter)

Great article @BaptistTimes @thefuelcast Totally free #blessed #free
Louise Thomas (via Twitter)

Re: Fierce imaginings: the Great War
Thank you @BaptistTimes for a glowing review of 'Fierce Imaginings' #TheGreatWar #WW1 #remembrance
Rachel Mann (via Twitter)

Re: Sports chaplaincy celebration - and challenge 
Great article on @sportchaplaincy Parliamentary Reception yesterday by @BaptistTimes
Matt Baker (via Twitter)

I am glad the House of Commons reception went well. The article @BaptistTimes is very inspiring.
Jennifer Valentine-M (via Twitter)

Re: What's your church doing this Halloween? Scripture Union is providing everything you need to run a Light Party
Totally disagree with this alternative....... children still look forward to Halloween has they know there is a party, despite a change of theme!
Halloween should be ignored and children taught of the dangers.
Roger Staten (via Facebook)

Re: A phoenix rises
A bit new-agey this! Hardly contending for the Biblical gospel is it?

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