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Be part of the BMS Day of Prayer

They secure justice for women and children in Uganda and plant churches in France, teach English in China and train leaders in Peru; all BMS mission workers face challenges, and every one of them needs prayer

BMS Day of Prayer 2014
Monday 3 February is the BMS World Mission annual Day of Prayer, so here’s an invitation: will you, as an individual, small group or church, join in praying for the people who serve with BMS and for the countries where they serve?

'Prayer is central to the work we do at BMS,' says David Kerrigan, BMS General Director. 'I love the Day of Prayer because, sometimes against our instincts to always keep busy, it gives us the opportunity to pause and refocus on God.

'It’s a great time to give thanks for the past year, to seek guidance for what’s ahead and to tune into God’s heart for new initiatives and areas yet not discerned.'

Last year churches used the BMS prayer PowerPoint in their Sunday services, arranged special times of prayer and even got creative (one church made colourful cardboard balloons to help focus their prayer on different countries).

'From our experience in recent years, we have seen that God answers prayer,' says David, 'so it would be a great encouragement to know that you are praying alongside us for the work of BMS.'

A programme and PowerPoint are already available on the Day of Prayer page and other resources will be available soon.

This article first appeared on the website of BMS World Mission and is used with permission


Sarah Stone, 22/01/2014

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