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Message from Operation Agri

Operation AgriWhen asked, “What difference has Operation Agri (OA) made to your village?” this elderly lady replied “Our children don’t die anymore!”

The full story from Sri Lanka appears on this year’s DVD – but the transformation came from the clean water that is now piped into their homes. OA funding, in partnership with local professionals plus community labour and enthusiasm has achieved this massive change for about the cost of modest used car in the UK.

Similar opportunities for partnership arrive at OA on a regular basis but despite the generous, prayerful giving of its supporters the opportunities are always greater than the available budget. The Trustees of OA want to thank the individuals and churches who already support the work and invite others to consider how they might support these projects or learn more about OA.

Operation Agri supports Christian-led rural and urban development projects in three continents, attacking the basic causes of poverty amongst some of the least fortunate people in the world.

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