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Changes at the NBA 

September 2012

Changes are afoot at the Northern Baptist Association, with the retirement of a regional minister alongside the appointment of the Association's first youth specialist in more than a decade

Changes at the NBA 06 Septembe
The Association's mission enabler the Revd John Singleton retired on August 31 after nine and a half years as a regional minister. A farewell and retirement celebration takes place at Stockton Baptist Tabernacle on Saturday.

On September 1 Rachael Ezra took up a post as the Association's Youth Specialist. Rachael is on a three year contract and will work two days each week. It's the first time the Association has had a youth specialist in 12 years and is funded jointly by a grant from the Hewley Trust, and funds from the sale of Easington Colliery Church.
The Revd John Claydon, regional minister team leader, described the changes as the 'best of times, worst of times'.

'John was an excellent colleague and we are sorry to lose him. We give thanks for his encouragement, insights and inspiration. There is also uncertainty as to how we can replace him, and we are seeking God.

'But alongside that there is the excitement of Rachael Ezra beginning as our Youth Specialist, and we are very happy to have her on board.'
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