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In memoriam

Thursday 13 May at 19:00 we commemorated those who have died since Assembly 2019. 
Our In Memoriam prayer, written by Amanda Pink
We give you thanks
For life.

Yes - 
We give you thanks
for this unlikely,
wondrous, holy mix
of cells and breath and soul.

For life
We give you thanks.

And we remember

We give you thanks
For these lives.

Yes - 
for these lives:
and common,
and individual,
and connected,
and ordinary
and rich,
and beautiful,
and flawed,
and graced,
and hard,
and blessed,
and holy,
and lived. 

For these lives
We give you thanks. 
And we remember

We give you thanks
For these lives' legacies.

Yes - 
For these lives' legacies:
for tender moments shared,
and lifelong habits modelled;
for memories that raise a smile,
and conflicts that helped us grow;
for kindnesses that were offered,
and those that were received;
for the service that stands recognised,
and that which went unseen;
for Kingdom-values lived,
and for all the sins forgiven;
for scattered, holy seeds 
of faith and hope and love.

For the legacy of these lives
We give you thanks.

And we remember

We give you thanks 
For love.

Yes -
We give you thanks
for the love that now seems ended,
and for the love that carries on;
for love that faltered and falters,
that tries and fails,
and fails and tries;
and for the love which is
patient and kind,
and self-effacing and generous,
and truthful and ever-hopeful,
and holy,
and eternal.

For their love,
For our love,
For your love,
We give you thanks.

And we remember

And we give you thanks
that all these are held in your hands -
life, and these lives, and their legacies -
held in love,
held by you:
Alpha and Omega, beginning and end,
Our source and our completion,
The author and perfecter of our faith,
God who lived, and died, and rose again,
The Holy One. 

We give you thanks
that we are all,
all we are,
held in your hands,
held in love.

And we remember


The names of those included in our In Memoriam at Assembly can be found here
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