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Baptist Assembly – Accessible to All

We are very excited that, being an online event means that Baptist Assembly 2021 can be made available to all areas of our Baptist family, offering a unique opportunity to bring a large number of people together to join in worship, prayer, Bible study and consideration of current issues.


Baptist Assembly 2021 will be free for anybody to join via our website.  If you would like to register to receive the programme links direct to your email once they are available, please click on the 'Individuals' registration link below.  This will also give you the option to make a small voluntary donation to help us cover some of the costs involved in making Assembly happen.   If you are in a position to make a donation, we will be very grateful for any gifts.

The registration process will also ask you to indicate which seminar choices you are likely to attend.  Please click here for more information about our seminars.


Churches are encouraged to join us on the Sunday morning to share together in worship as one whole Baptist family. The links to enable you to join in will be sent to all those churches who provide us with a contact email, using the ‘Churches’ button below, but will also be available on the website.

We have always been thankful to churches for supporting their ministers to attend Assembly and hope they will enjoy the 2021 programme.  This year we are reaching out to churches to ask for a suggested contribution of £50 to support the costs of bringing this event together.  If your church would be in a position to make a donation of any amount, there is an option to make this voluntary donation via the ‘Churches’ button.

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