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To supplement the guidelines found in Safe to Grow and Safe to Belong our Union has produced an integrated series of training, consisting of three levels.

ExcellenceSafeguardingLevel 1 is a short, 8 minute film designed for use in all age services or events.  To complement this film there is a set of children and young people's material based around the parable of the Good Samaritan.  This material involves a variety of age appropriate activities for children in school years Reception to 9 which help to get the message of safeguarding across to the children and young people of the church.  

A second version of this film, designed for use in church members' meetings, is also available.  Churches may choose to use this as part of their annual review of safeguarding policy.

Level 2 is designed to be delivered by a BUGB safeguarding trainer. Please contact your Regional Association for more information on how this can be delivered; the course is designed for the minister, deacons/trustees, the designated person for safeguarding and all those who work with children, young people and adults. It covers the following points and takes about 3 hours:.

Level 2 aims to help attendees:

  • to have confidence in responding to safeguarding concerns about children, young people and adults at risk within the church and know what support is available if needed
  • to buld a greater understanding of safeguaridng and why it is important within the church context
  • to be aware of different types of abuse
  • to be champions in safeguarding

There is also a short booklet called Gateway to Excellence in Safeguarding which is available for volunteers and workers to read before they attend a Level 2 Excellence in Safeguarding Course.  Please note that this is not an alternative to attending a level 2 course.

Level 3 is also designed to be delivered by a BUGB safeguarding trainer and is for all church leaders including, the minister, deacons/trustees, and the designated person for safeguarding.  Level 3 is designed to follow on from Level 2 and you should attend the Level 2 Course before accessing Level 3.

Level 3 aims to:

  • help attendees understand the key safeguarding responsibilties of church leaders
  • build confidence in responding to concerns and supporting all those affected by abuse
  • provide time to reflect on how your church safeguarding policies and procedures are working
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