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Listening to God: Andy Glover

In a joint project with the Faith and Society Specialist Team, Baptists Together Mission Forum and The Fuelcast we are offering a series of films where people from all corners of the Baptist Family share how they have heard God speaking during 2020. These first films are longer reflections suitable for personal and group study and consider the following questions which you and your group may like to reflect on as well:

What is God saying to you about..
  • Who he is, and how we are being called to worship him
  • His mission, and how we are being invited to join in with what he’s doing in the world
  • His Church, and how we are being asked to reimagine our life together
  • His future for our Baptist movement – what visions, aspirations, dreams is he placing on your heart
They will be followed by shorter, thematic films later in the autumn.

This film features Andy Glover, minister of Hoole Baptist Church and on the leadership team of Fresh Streams.

Click here to download this video to share with your church.
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