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Feature articles in 2015  

What does it look like when Christians are seized by a gospel imperative to respond to something that's wrong?
Krish Kandiah shares biblical snapshots that show why pursuing justice, however hard, is crucial for the church
Ian Bunce talks to Stuart Blythe - the Rector of the International Baptist Theological Study Centre
The journey to and from church for a BMS World Mission worker in Mozambique is rarely dull
Baptist Insurance is now sending monthly emails with tips about managing different risks
Who are the theologians writing about African Christianity in Britain - and why aren't there more?
BMS World Mission has selected six stories of heroic women who are changing lives
How a life driven by ruthless ambition fell apart - and was transformed by a powerful encounter with Jesus
Herts Baptist Minister Mary Moody is using her sabbatical to take on a physical and spiritual challenge
What is so special about Monksthorpe Baptist chapel? And what does the future hold for this tiny church?
Ed Walker has some innovative ideas about how to tackle homelessness, but it's not without risk, he admits
A report of Baptist Union Council: March 2015. Discussions included: mission, priorities and the new project: loaves and fishes
A new parable explores the consequences of evil failing at its first attempt
A new book charts one teenager’s journey from a jail cell to a Baptist college
A factory collapse in Bangladesh shocked a member of Headington Baptist Church so much he decided to take radical action
Healthcare and spiritual matters needn't be separate - a parish nurse can provide an essential connection, as a new book shows
As artwork began to appear in the sand last year, locals in Southend wondered who was behind it and what did it all mean?
Recently Tom Mowers celebrated 80 years of membership at Luton Central Baptist Church. And at 95, he's still as involved as ever
A Baptist church member's new autobiography shows how God can be at work in people's lives for years before they take a step towards him
God is interested in all aspects of our life, including our hobbies. Emma and Fez Walsh share their involvement with a motorcycle club
The internet offers huge scope for reaching people who don't know Jesus. And the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is at the forefront
The recent resource “Love Your Neighbour – Think Pray Vote” caught the imagination. Phil Jump reflects on where the church might go next. . .
A booklet by a Baptist minister aims to provide the right words to support anyone who has been bereaved
Co-ordinators of Christian enquiry website say people who would never go to a church for answers are looking for them in a search engine
Find out why Spurgeon's College has opened a Centre for Spirituality
A video message from Katrina, Martin, Ruth and Esther Butterworth reflecting on 18 years of mission in Nepal
Christians Against Poverty highlights Baptist churches' commitment in helping people struggling with debt, unemployment and addiction
BMS workers are embarking on a new agroforestry project to get people caring about the environment and to combat food insecurity in Peru
Like champagne in a bottle, our churches are full of potential. The cork, ironically, can be a leadership team and their big, one size fits all vision
New book Lydia's Song both gives a face to human trafficking, and a message of hope amid its horrors
Koko Kondo was just eight months old when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August, 1945
Paul Fiddes reports on the latest conversations between the Baptist Union and the Church of England
A BMS World Mission family shares the ups and downs of leaving for mission and starting life in another country.
A growing ministry on the UK's network of canals
The idea of people using their lives to rest in and enjoy the presence of God, particularly within a city, is surprising to many people
A Soul Survivor regular reports on this year's gathering
How do we go about keeping our faith lives on track? Joseph Fernandes delves into the Bible to highlight 12 areas every Christian might consider
Intercultural ecumenism between Black Majority Churches (BMCs) and British Baptists in London
Stumbling into a bright field to have a divine experience with with God: Alex Baker reports on Greenbelt 2015
Are a partner and children essential for a happy life - and what does Jesus say about family?
A discussion involving a Baptist student and her college principal
How might churches respond to the growing number of single women in their midst?
A story about a single woman in Genesis is a reminder of the pressing need to keep addressing issues of meaning and purpose in our lives
.... and see what God does
Mindfulness is both a secret in much of the church, and feared by others. It shouldn't be so, writes Shaun Lambert
Smiles, animal impressions and excitement filled the air as beautiful murals, created by BMS World Mission volunteers in Thailand
The hour is late... a three-part series by retired Baptist minister Don Attenborough
A report of Baptist Union Council: October 2015. Three major reports that will develop the strategy of our movement were shared and discussed
We may not literally use fig leaves to cope with that feeling of exposure and vulnerability, but the fig leaves we use are just as real
Think you have what it takes to do mission in Peru's Amazon rainforest?
Three different approaches to what we commonly mean by happiness which provide alternatives to popular thinking
Confession of sin: the second of a three-part series focuses on how we might prepare for revival
A BMS World Mission worker and trustee in Beirut share their thoughts and ideas for prayer in the wake of the Beirut bombing
Christian charity Viva is aiming to improve the lives of 35,000 vulnerable children in Central America - and the church has a huge role to play
Why we should use them: an interview with Baptist minister Chris Lewis, a director of the Swansea Bay Fair Credit Campaign
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