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Small Church Connexion - latest event

A report of Fit for Purpose, a leadership team training day organised by the Small Church Connexion (SCC). By Hilary Taylor 

Small Church Connexion

We were back at The King’s Cross Baptist Church on 13 October for the SCC Autumn Event “Fit for Purpose”. In response to requests from churches, various seminars were offered giving training in leading prayer, worship, and members’ meetings, as well as safeguarding and treasurer responsibilities.

We began the day with worship and then all joined the first session about identifying gifting. We all completed brief questionnaires and then formed groups with others who had similar totals for one gift or another. Most people rated that session very highly, only suggesting that they would have liked more time!
Next came four seminars with people able to choose whether they attended: safeguarding, treasurers, prayer or worship.

After a break for lunch (and a chance to network), there were four more seminars to choose from: training leaders, London Baptist Property Board, church membership or prayer.
Each seminar leader produced a handout to take away, which was much appreciated. The feedback at the end of the day showed that most people found the day helpful and thought provoking, and would like more opportunities to meet together.

Suggestions of future topics ranged from youth work and evangelism to societal change and fund raising. Future locations could be even more of a challenge with people equally divided between a local venue and central
London. Perhaps this reflects those who attended, with more than half coming from north, north-east and north-west districts which connect easily with King’s Cross, and far fewer from the fringes of the LBA region.
We are very grateful to all who gave their time and expertise to make the day so successful.

If you would like to receive copies of the handouts for any of the seminars mentioned above, please contact Hilary Taylor (Small Church Enabler of the LBA) hilary.taylor@tiscali.co.uk 01784 558414


Baptist Times, 19/10/2018
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