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Baptists Together Mission Forum – June 2018

Baptists Together Mission Forum met at the International Mission Centre in Birmingham on 5-6 June to pray, reflect and discern. This Forum meets twice a year and includes the mission lead from each Association, our General Secretary, a representative each from a college, our CYF Round Table and the Faith and Society Specialist Team.


Being open to the missional God
Roy Searle (Northern Pioneer Co-ordinator) led worship through the 24 hour gathering and helped hearts and minds to be open to the missional God. Through a rhythm of listening and questioning Roy reflected with the group on Acts 16.1-10, when Timothy’s call was enabled by Paul and Silas. The group were asked:
  • What struck you?
  • Where is God in the passage?
  • Where are you in the passage?
The thoughts raised became markers the group came back to during the time.



As part of the listening the group heard reports from existing projects. 
Millennials at Assembly

Mission Forum enabled a group of millennials to attend this year’s Baptist Assemblyand significant feedback was gained. They were particularly engaged with the relational aspect. There were questions as well, why gather centrally at all? This feedback has been passed to the Assembly team as it begins planning for next year.

New Housing Hub
Ali Boulton reported on the New Housing Hub This hub is asking the question where is God in new housing at this time and what is our calling? Ali and Penny Marsh have a vision (working with a national network) to share God’s love in every new area of housing. With the seed money provided by Mission Forum the national Housing Hub Conference was underwritten. This was a significant day with 135 people and very positive feedback. Further local events are planned and another national conference on 30thMarch 2019.
Their website has a number of helpful resources. www.newhousinghub.org

Pioneer Gathering
Roy Searle reported a positive Pioneer gathering with 41 people coming together in May. It was an inspirational time with encouraging stories. That positivity was needed alongside the difficult stories many pioneers shared.
Listening Project
Mission Forum want to listen to the ways God is at work in our Baptist family and have commissioned Carmel Murphy to lead develop and lead this research. Carmel has developed a workshop which will be piloted in in three associations (SWBA, NBA, SCBA).
A series of questions will be asked in interactive and creative ways. Methods to record have been built into the time.
  • What do you like best about where they are?
  • What does your church/community does well? A top three.
  • Name one area of weakness.
  • What does the word mission mean to you? Bring something from home that means mission to them.
  • Where do you see God at work?
  • How are you joining in?
  • What else would you like to do?
  • What would you help you to do it?
  • How connected do you feel to your local association?
  • Why?
  • How connected do you feel to the Baptist family?
  • Why?
  • What does the work mission mean to them? Write a definition in less than 20 words.
  • What encouragement would you give to another church? 

Carmel will reflect after the three pilots see what data has emerged and share those findings. A final toolbox that enables others to do the workshops will also be produced. 

Discerning for the future

A key part of every gathering is discussing and discerning potential new mission projects. Out of this reflection Simon Goddard Identified ‘four Ms’.
  • Millennials
  • Mentoring
  • Multiplication
  • Mental health 

Strategic decisions were made to support these areas and several projects will be invited to make full applications to be heard in the autumn.
This is an exciting time in our Baptist family and Mission Forum aims to seek and nurture the ways the Spirit is at work. They also want to hear from churches and communities and a contact form will be on the website soon.

Please share this update with your church. 

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Baptists Together Mission Forum met at BMS Birmingham in Selly Oak Birmingham to pray, reflect and discern.
Baptists Together Mission Forum met at the International Mission Centre in Birmingham on 8-9 October
Baptists Together Mission Forum met at the International Mission Centre in Birmingham on 5-6 June
Baptists Together Mission Forum met at the International Mission Centre in Birmingham on 7-8 December.