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The substitute Sunday school teacher 


Kit Torres recalls the day she stepped in to lead her church's Sunday School - and the importance of encouraging more children's leaders 

Filippino Sunday SchoolIt was a lovely Sunday afternoon in The Filipino International Church. Everyone were starting to gather, giving their brief greetings to each other ahead of the Sunday service. The praise and worship team started to lead the church in worship and you could sense the joy and the uplifting spirit in the atmosphere.

On that particular Sunday, I was the service presider. It was the same usual program we follow every Sunday, which includes reading the scripture, introducing the pastor, prayer for the offering.

But one particular part of the program that caught me off guard - when I called the children to come in front to be prayed over before they proceed to their Sunday school. As I called them, you could see their excitement and anticipation: they were so quick to stand up and with big smiles on their faces. They were looking forward to meeting their Sunday school friends, their play and learning something new from their Sunday school teacher.

But as I called them, at that very moment, I was told that their Sunday school teacher wasn't present. I was hoping someone would volunteer, but the room went quiet. Nobody offered. Nobody volunteered. The look of dismay on the children's faces was somewhat obvious. I felt their sadness and disappointment.

At that very moment, even though I was the presider and there was still a program to continue, I was touched and moved by the Holy Spirit to take the responsibility. I announced that “teacher Kit” would be their teacher for today. The church cheered and the smile on the kids’ faces was priceless.

I introduced the pastor for his message before leading the children to their classroom. With the help of another church member, we managed to teach them about Bible characters.

I didn’t have any lesson plan nor any books to read, but the Lord provided. God is good! The children played games and learned a lot.

They vary in age and that day I realised the need for a Sunday school teacher. It’s imperative to have someone who will lead our children to Christ. A ministry that the church should cultivate and value. In Mathew 19:4 it says, ‘Let the children come to me.’ May this be an inspiration to encourage more teachers and substitute Sunday school teachers in leading the children to Christ. Hallelujah!

The Filipino International Church aims to share the Gospel not only to the Filipinos in the UK, but to the rest of the British community by welcoming them to church and allowing them to experience God’s love and grace through several ministries - and this includes the children’s ministry.

May the Lord continue to provide more dedicated Sunday school teachers as they help the children in their journey in knowing and experiencing Christ’s love. 

Kit Torres is a member of the Filipino International Church, which in 2013 became the first Filipino church accredited by the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Kit is a certified clinician at Northern Doctors Urgent Care, and a staff nurse at Wansbeck General Hospital.

Baptist Times, 04/06/2018
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