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Safeguarding Record Keeping

BUGB Guide to Safeguarding Record Keeping

Good record keeping is a vital part of safeguarding best practice. This guide sets out to help advise local Baptist churches about all aspects of the record keeping process, from the initial records made to the appropriate storage and retention of such records. It applies to safeguarding records relating to both children and adults at risk. 

Records should use clear, straightforward language and be concise and accurate so that they are easily understood by a reader who is not familiar with the situation. They should clearly differentiate between facts and opinion. It is important that safeguarding records are stored safely and securely, and are not kept for longer than is necessary.

Under the Data Protection Act 2018, organisations are required to meet certain requirements and principles in relation to what information is recorded, how this information is shared and with whom, and the arrangements for the storage of the records. It should be noted that this guide is provided for guidance only and does not constitute legal advice.

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Created: May 2018
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