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New website 'will make a huge difference' to the Church

R2C2, described as the most comprehensive resource for churches yet produced on refugee and asylum issues, has launched


R2C2, the Refugee Resource Centre for Churches, is a partnership between Jubilee+ and the Boaz Trust.
Its initial expression is an interactive website that aims to resource Christian churches and individuals to reach out to and support asylum seekers and refugees in their churches and communities with the love and compassion of Christ.

The website ‘aims to plug the yawning gap in provision that has existed for many years’, by raising awareness, providing information through a library of resources, linking Christians to existing projects and encouraging new projects across the UK, said Dave Smith, Boaz Trust founder.

It is divided into eight content blocks, each containing a one or two page ‘Quick Guide’, and copious links to other resources and organisations. The key blocks are ‘How You Can Help’, ‘Resources’ and ‘Find Your Local Project’.

Dave, who also works for the NACCOM network of providers of accommodation for destitute asylum seekers and is the author of The Book of Boaz and Refugee Stories, described it as ‘the most comprehensive resource for churches yet produced on refugee and asylum issues’.
He said, ‘This has been a labour of love for the past 12 months, but, thanks to the help of Jubilee+ and Boaz, we have a website that is going to make a huge difference to the ability of the Church to step up and become what Christ has called it to be – a voice for the voiceless, a source of hope for the hopeless and a beacon on a hill for all to see.

‘Asylum seekers and refugees are amongst the most marginalised people in the UK, and the Church has a huge role to play in welcoming them and helping them to flourish in our society.’
The Boaz Trust, Manchester, provides accommodation and support for over 70 refugees and asylum seekers. Jubilee+ is a Christian Social Action and Justice charity with a vision to see the Church in the UK be a champion of the poor and a means to healthy communities across the nation.

Visit the R2C2 website: http://www.refugeeresourcecentreforchurches.org.uk/



Baptist Times, 15/11/2017
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