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New Facebook Group for Baptist ministers 

A new Facebook group to help Baptist ministers ‘journey together and listen to others who have different perspectives’ has launched

Baptist Ministers Network UK 2
The group, Baptist Ministers Network UK, is for those who have been called to and are involved in Baptist ministry in the UK. It is intended to include people in various forms of ministry, locally, regionally and nationally. 

‘We hope that this can be a place where we can journey together by engaging in conversation and listening to others who have different perspectives,’ reads the group description.
‘A place of encouragement where we can build one another up and inspire one another. A place to ask questions and to discuss issues that we face as ministers.’
The group was formed with the blessing of the Baptist Ministers in the UK Facebook group, for which a member has to be a nationally accredited minister.
‘It was recognised that it would be good to have a group that could have a broader membership, including regional and unaccredited ministers, and so this group was born,’ the description continued.
This group is closed, which means that only current members can read what is posted.

If you are a Baptist minister, visit the group and request to join.


Baptist Times, 20/10/2017
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