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Get equipped for Mission Where You Are

BMS World Mission is launching a brand new course to help Christians in the UK effectively engage in mission right where they are


God calls all of us to mission – but he doesn’t call all of us overseas. At BMS, we realise that the majority of Christians won’t be asked to move to another country in order to live out their mission call. We also know that witnessing to Christ at home in the UK is tough.
That’s why we are launching a new course called Mission Where You Are. For the first time ever, every Christian in the UK has the opportunity to come and train with us in cross-cultural mission.
We’re distilling our 225 years of mission experience into a six-weekend course for people who are committed to, or exploring, mission where they are, here in the UK. We have learnt so much about cross-cultural mission over the last two centuries – lessons from our own experiences, from the experiences of our brothers and sisters around the world and from the people we’ve sought to serve on four continents, and from our mistakes.

As well as using these experiences to more effectively serve overseas, we want to use them to help cross-cultural mission in the UK thrive.

If you feel called to serve God in mission in the UK – whether that’s in your workplace, through your local church, or in your community – Mission Where You Are is for you!
Mark Ord, Co-Director of our training centre in Birmingham and one of those spearheading this course, believes that this training is much-needed and that many Christians could really benefit from it as they seek to reach their neighbours and communities.
'I’m really excited about this course because there are lots of Christians who feel called to mission, in their workplaces or other parts of their lives, and who really would love to get the training that we offer to our mission personnel,' says Mark.

'Britain is a challenging place when it comes to mission; secularism has got into our bones, even in Church, and it is crucial that ordinary Christians recapture a vision and confidence, as well as developing capacity, for witnessing to God’s goodness where they are.'

Mission Where You Are will run over six weekends, spread over two years, and will challenge your thinking, resource your imagination and energise your engagement in mission. You will learn from experienced practitioners and trainers, reflect on your own practices, and share experiences and stories of how God is at work where you are.
Each weekend costs just £150 per person, including food and accommodation, and will take place at our mission training centre in Birmingham. For more information, dates and a breakdown of topics for the six weekends click here.
We are so excited about Mission Where You Are, and pray that it will help you and your church to reach more people for Christ. If you’re excited too, you can book today by emailing Leah at lgwilt@bmsworldmission.org


This story originally appeared on the BMS World Mission website and is used with permission. 



BMS World Mission, 11/07/2017
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