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One door closes another one opens


Hi Everyone! Hope you are well, thank you for following me on this wonderful journey. It is almost the end of my time here in Jamaica but it is not my final destination. One thing I have learnt in life is that as one door closes another one opens so I look forward to what is next.

These last few months I have been assigned to Ocho Rios, a country parish in Jamaica. My main focus has been working with the circuit of churches especially with its women's groups and young people. I have had the opportunity so far to minister in adult Bible class, present workshops at youth conventions and dance as part of church services; as a ministration to God and the congregation. The other very important thing I have been up to while here, has been working at Ochi's Women's Centre. The Women's Centre is a school for expectant and teenage mothers. The school provides holistic care including: parenting classes (for both parents), counselling sessions, the opportunity to learn mandatory subjects and do the required exams, skills training and much more. The girls are also fed breakfast for those that need it and lunch is provided. There is also a nursery where their babies are well looked after.

My role while at the Women's Centre is to shadow and assist the on site social worker. I am responsible also for their mid-morning class/activity and devotions before lunch. My first class/activity was about Positive Affirmation and is something I believe the girls found enriching. However on reflection it is something I think we all need reminding of sometimes. So my challenge for you all is to speak positively to your friends, family and even those you do not know. The Bible speaks of there being death and life in the tongue; and if you are a Christian or not, I am sure you all know how much words can affect the course of our lives. Two of the most powerful words, depending on what you put after it is "I am". So may we all see each other as equals and stand to say and live life with the idea that "I AM my Sisters and Brothers Keeper". Until next time.... Peace and Love, Dion-Marie White


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Today marks the official first day of my journey. I am feeling well equipped for my departure today, having had a wonderful time at church with my friends and family at the weekend.
Hi Everyone, This is my 11th day in Jamaica (27/01/17). It is taking me a while to adjust to my new environment however during this time I have made some great contacts. I am staying at the United Theological College of the West Indies.
Hi again!! This Monday will mark my 3rd week here in Kingston Jamaica. I am amazed at how, even in such a short period of time, I have had much to reflect on and be grateful for.
Hi everyone! I know it has been a while since the last update but I am very pleased to be sharing more of my journey here in Jamaica with you all. The first thing I am sure some of you are already aware of is the work I have been doing with women
Hi all, It has been a busy and reflective past two weeks and couple of days. It is also my 3rd month here in Jamaica so I am half way through this amazing experience.
Hi Everyone! Hope you are well I know it has been a while. So since the last time I sent an update God has really challenged me to "Be still and know that he is God".