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‘A holy ground moment’ 

Ministers, pastors and preachers who have recently transferred to the accredited list and BMS mission personnel were commissioned and prayed for at the Baptist Assembly

‘We now come together for a holy ground moment,’ said Lynn Green at the outset of the Saturday evening session. ‘We want to welcome, commission, and pray for them.’
Lynn and David Kerrigan took turns in reading out the names from each Association, finishing with the BMS personnel.
As their names were called, the ministers and mission workers were invited to the front of the stage, many accompanied by the cheers and applause of their friends in the congregation.  
Once all were at the front of the stage, new President Dianne Tidball led the act of commissioning, with responsive words on the screen, followed by prayers.
Dianne, Lynn and David then shook everyone’s hand as the worship band played.
As well as praying for the ministers and mission personnel, Lynn also invited delegates to use this as an opportunity for all of us to rededicate our lives to Him, ‘to recommit ourselves to God.’ 

Baptist Times, 13/05/2017
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