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Same Sex Marriage Guidance

Guidance for ministers following MRC Feb 2017 and Council March 2017


File type: PDF
File size: 225kb
Created: 28 March 2017
ssm, same sex marriage
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How to access and train for mentoring, pastoral supervision and spiritual direction.
A form to enable ministers to identify CMD objectives or provide points for discussion with those who accompany them in their ministry.
A standard, but editable contract for NAMs and their mentors to agree and complete at the beginning of the mentoring relationship.
A blank report to be completed by NAMs' mentors in conjunction with their NAM after a few months of their newly accredited ministry and again at the end of each year of the NAMs' programme.
A blank form for NAMs who wish to reflect more deeply on one incident, experience or thought each week, as preparation for discussion with their mentor.
A blank form for NAMs who wish to capture their pattern of work over a period of time by recording what they do each day.
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