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Church's Heritage Open Day welcome

Lockwood Baptist Church in Huddersfield recently held a community fayre when taking part in Heritage Open Days, Brian Davison reports  

Lockwood Baptist Church This was the first time we'd been involved in the Heritage Open Days, and our involvement followed from my getting the church involved last year in the campaign to save a local landmark that is precious to our community - the Clock Tower at Mount Pleasant Primary. The campaigners held their meetings at LBC  and several members and I contributed to the strategy.
This led to an invitation to include our building in the Annual Heritage Open Days for 2016 - an opportunity to put us on the map. Not only could we offer tours, which covered the interesting historical aspects of the building (and chance for organists to try our wonderful 1905 Conacher organ), it also gave us the opportunity to talk about why we are here, the parts of our building that speak of our faith, and why knowing Jesus is as important to us today as it was to the people who began the work in 1792.
We had around 30 people (other than our own folks) took the tour, and around 50 guests during the time we were open.
We combined the Open Day with a Community Fayre, inviting local community groups to come and have a display of what they do, talk to people, and to other groups, with a view to the church becoming a hub of community connection. There was also popcorn and games.
As to what was found in the organ loft, you'll have to wait and see. It was a real blessing and encouragement to the congregation, and stirred no little interest in the historical society, prompting some research. The various folks and agencies involved have agreed to put together a unified "story" for all our various news outlets, so this is just to whet your appetite... :-)


The Revd Brian Davison is minister of Lockwood Baptist Church 

Baptist Times, 21/11/2016
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