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Radio treasure hunt discovers foodbank-supporting Baptist church

Alvechurch Baptist Church had a surprise visitor at the end of its morning service on Sunday 14 August – one of its church members was being ‘hunted’!

Alvechurch300BBC Radio WM broadcasts a three-hour programme on Sunday mornings called Hunted – a 'Treasure Hunt’ style show with the tagline ‘Three hours and five clues to find one person in Birmingham and the Black Country’. 

But on this particular day it was a treasure hunt with a difference – the ‘hunter’ was tasked with DELIVERING ‘treasure’ to the final clue.

At each of five locations Debbie (the ‘hunter’) picked up the next clue for the listeners to solve and also a mysterious bag containing tins or packets of food items.
The final location was in Alvechurch and the last clue instructed the hunter to find the key person – the ‘hunted’. Rushing into Alvechurch Baptist Church she began looking for her ‘hunted’, who turned out to be John Hill – one of the church members, and the only person who had been primed in advance.
John was then able to explain to Debbie and the listening audience that, in common with many other churches, members of the congregation regularly bring in items for the Redditch Foodbank for use by families in emergency or crisis situations.

It turned out that Debbie herself is a Christian and she was delighted to learn that the effort she had put into carrying five bags of food around the West Midlands was in aid of such a good cause.

Baptist Times, 16/08/2016
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