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Theology resources made available 

A new website has launched offering theological and spiritual resources which formed the bedrock of the Workshop Christian learning programme

Workshop500Running for more than 30 years, Workshop has seen more than 5000 participants from a variety of Christian backgrounds come through the courses held in centres across the country.

Now the course materials, developed by Workshop founder Noel Moules and the teaching team, have become the core components of a new website.

The website was welcomed by the Revd Dr Nigel Wright, Principal Emeritus of Spurgeon's College, and a former President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. He said that for a significant number Workshop has been an appropriate stepping stone for work at degree level and/or Baptist ordination. 

'I have had links with Workshop since the late 1980s and it has shown itself to be a proven and tested resource,' he explained. 'It has made available learning resources which local congregations are rarely able to supply by themselves.

'Participants speak of the quality of the materials produced, and the creative ways in which communication takes place. I have been impressed by the rigour and professionalism of the programme in all respects.'

The resources now available on the website cover a broad range of topics with which Christians and the Church are wrestling with today, including sexuality, pacifism, community, doubt and faith among many others.

Noel, who was born to British missionary parents in India and grew up in the foothills of the Himalayas, has spent time as a religious studies teacher, church leader, theologian, campaigner and author.

He said, 'Workshop has always been about creating exciting Christian learning experiences for spiritual formation and applied spirituality.

'It is Jesus-centered, shalom envisioned, scripture serious, values focused, inclusive, empowering and committed to inspiring activism. We have embraced the toughest theological questions and the most demanding moral issues of our time with both rigour and humility, in a way that enables people from all backgrounds to engage with the subject. This new stage in our story opens fresh possibilities for supporting and encouraging people on their spiritual journeys.'

For more information and to visit the website visit www.workshop.org.uk 

Baptist Times, 18/06/2016
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