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Welcomed into membership at Laird Street 

LairdStreetThe Revd Cathy Buntin had the privilege and pleasure of welcoming four members of the congregation into membership of Laird Street Baptist Church in Birkenhead on Sunday (4 June) as the church family met around the table to celebrate communion

It was a real pleasure welcoming Monica who turned 94 a couple of weeks ago. She has been attending the church for many years and had not thought about membership. However, someone challenged her about this and she asked for membership. We have been truly blessed over the years with Monica.

Last year Gordon, Ken and Mark came to Laird Street for a visit and never left. We have been blessed by their leading preaching and musical skills.

The Lord is truly blessing his people at Laird Street Baptist Church and may he continue to do so as we seek his face for his vision and the future of his church. 

Pictured left to right Gordon, Monica, Ken, Mark and Cathy

The Revd Cathy Buntin is minister of Laird Street Baptist Church 

Baptist Times, 06/06/2016
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