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Why six Peruvians got baptised in the Amazon

Watch this video to see the inspiring moment when a group of aspiring Christian leaders get baptised in the River Marañón, in Peru’s Amazon rainforest

Ever glimpsed a pink dolphin jump out of a river? Or dipped your toe in the muddy-brown water that is its home? Have you ever peeked through the trees to watch, in the stifling heat, six Christians submerge themselves in Amazonian water, alongside the dolphins and a fair few piranhas?
If you haven’t, now is your chance.
Watch this video to find out what led six Peruvians to get baptised, and to watch the special moment when they take the plunge.

Baptisms in the Peruvian Amazon from BMS World Mission on Vimeo.

Baptisms in the Peruvian Amazon from BMS World Mission on Vimeo.

Llino and Leysey are two Christians who live in isolated river communities in the Amazon rainforest – communities accessible only by boat. They have been studying at the Nauta Integral Mission Training Centre, supported by BMS World Mission, which aims to train and equip local pastors and leaders in river communities like theirs.
“When I first came I was a bit reserved and I didn’t relate very well to the other pastors,” says Llino. “But with time I have become more open and able to talk. All of the teaching I have received here has been really useful.”

The team at the centre is working to create a place where pastors can come and get basic theological training, as well as discovering practical things they can do to help their communities and the rainforest in which they live. Each course runs over the period of a year, and involves six residential training weeks. The trainee pastors receive scholarships in order to attend.
“I feel like I am being prepared to be a leader not only in my church but also in my community,” Llino says. “I am very happy that my learning here is preparing me for leadership roles in the future.”
Please pray for the six young leaders training at the centre who recently got baptised and for all those working to support them. Pray that they can have a real impact for the glory of God.


BMS workers in Nauta

Laura-Lee Lovering is involved in all aspects of work at the Nauta Integral Mission Training Centre. From teaching and translating, to icing cakes and overseeing the day-to-day running of the centre.
Sarah McArthur is a plant propagator and has, amongst other things, been helping to create a model agroforestry area at the centre and to run a Youth Alpha course for teenagers in the area.
We also support three Peruvian workers who are integral to the running of the centre:  
Pastor Luis Alvarado Dolly had the vision for the centre and provides much of the training.   
Sara Isabel Cahuaza is the centre’s very capable administrator.
Pastor Pedro Pacaya is responsible for maintaining the centre’s building and land – a difficult job in the jungle!

Photos and video: Sarah Stone


This article first appeared on the website of BMS World Mission and is used with permission

BMS World Mission, 04/01/2016
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