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European Responses to Refugees and Migrants

Click here for to read the letter sent on 10 September 2015 from the Free Churches Group to EU and Schengen Member States ahead of Justice and Home Affairs Council on migration on 14-15 September.  This letter calls on the Informal Justice and Home Affairs Council to commit to a unified, ambitious and rights based refugee and migration policy.
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Lynn Green joins leaders of four churches in appealing to the Government to reconsider its decision to shut down the Dubs scheme, a programme for the safe re-settlement of unaccompanied minors seeking refuge in the United Kingdom
The Baptist Union of Great Britain has joined other denominations to release a statement calling upon the Syrian and Russian Governments and other forces to stop the bombardment of Aleppo
Lynn Green calls for urgent action to protect vulnerable children
Exploring the current refugee situation in our country and our world was a key aspect for all involved at the 2016 Baptist Assembly - and resulted in a shared commitment
Following her recent visit to Calais, Lynn encourages Baptists to speak up for justice for refugees