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Releasing money for mission 

Project Loaves and Fishes: a small working group is looking at how we generate our income, and whether there are other/better ways to collectively raise and release money for mission

LoavesFishes300As Baptists one of our Five Core Values is being a Missional Community, a value that is given life through our churches as well as our personal actions. For some, this is about direct evangelism, for others it is shown in projects and activities that demonstrate God’s love to those around in a variety of ways. For inspirational and often very creative examples of this, see the 40 Days of Home Mission programme.
But in order to increase our collective capacity to share the good news of Jesus with others, we need to understand our responsibilities towards one another at both church and individual level, as well as being good stewards of the “family purse”. To this end Baptist Steering Group has commissioned a small working group to look at how we currently generate our income and whether there are other/better ways to collectively raise and release money for mission here at home.
Known as “Project Loaves and Fishes”, the team carrying out this work is led by David Locke and includes the Revd Rich Webb of Scunthorpe Baptist Church and Anne Bishop, a charity consultant who is also married to a Baptist minister. One of the key features of this is widespread consultation with Baptists across the UK, and they would particularly like to hear from those within the congregations of our Baptist churches.
There are two main ways to let Project Loaves and Fishes have your views – by clicking here to complete an anonymous online survey (and encouraging others to do the same) or by emailing the team via Fivebarleyloaves@gmail.com

They are also very keen to get out and about to hear from people directly, so if you would like to invite them to come and meet you, your church, your local District or leadership team, please contact them via the email address.

Baptist Times, 01/04/2015
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