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The Revd Andy Hughes appointed as interim Ministries Team Leader

Andy and Rachel HughesWe are pleased to announce the appointment of the Revd Andy Hughes as Interim Ministries Team Leader.  This appointment is to support the specialist team based at Didcot and oversee the ministries processes during the on-going ministries review.  We believe that this is a key role at this time within the life of our Union.

Andy, who presently is serving as Regional Minister within the South Wales Baptist Association (SWBA), is being seconded from the association for a year with the full support of the SWBA trustees
Lynn Green, the General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain said “I am delighted that Andy is able to serve our Union in this new way and we thank the SWBA for their partnership, and commitment to Baptists Together.  We know that this will be costly for the association, and we commit our ongoing support and prayers to them.”
Andy Hughes on taking up the appointment comments “I'm planning on selling a number of fleeces on ebay this week; condition - used; reliability - highly questionable! God's ways are not always our ways, and his call doesn't always lead us in quite the direction we expect. So it's with a deepening sense of conviction that God is in this that I'm responding to the call to lead the Ministries Team for the coming year.  I'm looking forward to working with the team; colleagues at Baptist House, the Associations and Colleges; as well as Churches and those in ministry around the UK.  I'm incredibly grateful to the team in South Wales who've made this possible by releasing me, and I covet your prayers for them as well as the Ministries Team.”
Want to know more about Andy?  Click here to see a short profile.
The Ministries review commissioned by Council in November 2014 is looking at the way we do ministry in the future within our Union.  A discussion and process was started that looks at the future of ministry among us: what we put our energies into will equip local churches for authentic and relevant mission in the world today and tomorrow.  This builds on work already carried out in the Review of Ministerial Selection, Formation, Funding and Continuing Ministerial Development.  Many feel that we face a challenge for the future of needing to deeply reimagine the way we train, recognise, support and enable ministry for the next generation.  This year will therefore see a major piece of work that will shape ministry, including examining the best places for the work of support and accountabilities to take place.
Andy will take up the new role in the second half of February. Please hold him and the Ministries Team in your prayers.

Baptist Times, 12/01/2015
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