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Change of name for Baptist college 

A Baptist college in Manchester has reverted to its former name as part of a series of developments relating to its future

NBCThe Northern Baptist Learning Community (NBLC) will once again become Northern Baptist College, with the strapline “A Learning Community”, it has been announced.

Other changes agreed by college governors include a new statement of vision and values and a new logo, while a much-upgraded website will also be launched next year, Co-Principals Clare McBeath and Glen Marshall, and Chair of Governors David Warrington explained in a recent statement.

The decision to revert to Northern Baptist College was in response to 'the struggle that many people have had getting their heads and tongues around the change of name,' they said.  

Northern Baptist College was formed in 1963 when the Baptist colleges at Rawdon and Manchester amalgamated. The College adopted the name Northern Baptist Learning Community five years ago to ‘reflect the reality of our life and ministry as teachers and learners working not just at Luther King House in Manchester (the main college bulding) but also in churches and communities across the northern half of England.'
However, only last week, the statement continued, Glen was introduced at an induction service as “the co-Principal of the Northern Baptist.. er.. Learning er, er Facility.”
Incorporating the learning community element into the new strapline indicates ‘we are still very much committed to being and becoming a community  learners, discovering together what it means to follow Jesus today in the light of scripture and the rich theological tradition of the Christian Church.'

The reworking is therefore ‘same reality, simpler name’.


Equipping leaders for a changing church and a changing world

The new logo is part of a whole new look to accompany the new website. The college is making a renewed attempt to communicate more effectively with churches, prospective students and others, and the website is part of that.

Another key element is the new vision, values and strategy – ‘part of an attempt to be clear about the ministry to which we believe God is calling us.’

The overall vision statement is: “Equipping leaders for a changing church and a changing world”, while the announcement also communicated a series of values (“What matters to us”) and distinctives (“What marks us out?”)
After inviting feedback, the statement continued, ‘Throughout its history NBC has developed and adapted in response to changing opportunities, new challenges and, we believe, in response to the prompting of God’s Spirit. Our own times offer new opportunities and present fresh challenges.       

'We pray that as we seek to serve the churches of our region, playing our part in the mission of God, we will be faithful to our heritage and responsive to leading of Christ.'   

Baptist Times, 10/12/2014
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