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Caversham Church gets in the festival spirit 

Caversham Baptist Church is welcoming the Reading festival and Caversham's community this weekend (23 August)

CavershamBaptistChurchThe church is providing clean toilets, free wi-fi, mobile, tablet and laptop charging and free meals throughout the weekend for festival goers, or just a place to get away from it all for a while in a quiet space.

Sue Allum, the organiser, hopes that the people who come through the door will be able to freshen up, get a good cup of tea or meal and ensure they are able to keep in contact with their home. The church leaders said, 'It’s great to have the doors to the church open and for people to come to a safe place where they can get a meal and contact home if they need to.'

A café style service will be held on Sunday at 10.30am with guest speaker Sally Hunter who will talk about why she is a Christian and the difference God has made to her life.

There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions.  

Festival-goers are more than welcome to come along to the café service or just sit in the lounge area while the service is on. 
Baptist Times, 22/08/2014
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