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"Out of the ordinary" trust fund anniversary

Supporters of a trust fund set up following the death of a Baptist youth leader have marked its 30th anniversary

The Jonathan Graham Trust Fund was established in celebration of Jonsie Graham, who accidently drowned at a European Baptist Federation youth camp in Hamburg, Germany in July 1984.

The Thursday Fellowship at Immanuel Baptist Church - Elizabeth Reid is holding the flowers
Since then it has been able to donate more than £60,000 to young people involved in Christian projects, supporting young people in BMS Action Teams, Soapbox and Oasis, as well as a variety of individual projects. 

Jonathan was a member of Immanuel Baptist Church in Southsea, and the Thursday fellowship there enjoyed a cream tea and cake to celebrate the anniversary.

The occasion was also an opportunity to thank Elizabeth Reid, who is retiring as the fund's honorary treasurer. Her husband, the late Kenneth Reid MBE and then church treasurer, set up the fund as a response to the tragedy and the financial generosity of the young people at the youth camp where Jonsie died.

Jonsie's father David Graham said, 'It does not seem possible that 30 years have elapsed since The Baptist Times announced on its front page the accidental drowning of Jonathan Graham.

'The Thursday Fellowship and congregation at Immanuel, where Jonathan was a member, have made a major contribution to the fund, generously maintaining their support since its inception. Undoubtedly this is because of Elizabeth Reid's enthusiasm, inspiration and meticulous care as treasurer.'

Jonathan Graham BT The fund still distributes around £1,500 a year to many different projects undertaken by young people. David explained it encourages them "to do out of the ordinary as they bring their energies, talents and concerns to needs in Britain and across the world in the name of Christ."

He added, 'The fund has achieved so much more than the members of Immanuel Baptist Church and its treasurer Kenneth Reid could have dreamed. Each project we support are as unique as the personalities and giftings of the individuals and groups who undertake them.

'Knowing what is being achieved, we are proud to be associated with their responses to the challenges and vision they have been given.'

Do you know of someone who would benefit from the encouragement a little financial support from the Jonathan Graham Trust Fund would bring?

Contact David Graham at grahamvittoria52@hotmail.co.uk

David Graham
The Circle
023 9281 7976

Baptist Times, 22/08/2014
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