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Sharing in the walk of witness

A Baptist evangelist had a number of 'brilliant conversations' as he walked from coast to coast earlier this month

Ashley StansfieldAshley Stansfield, a minister and evangelist in Lancashire, set off on a 200 mile walk of prayer and witness at the start of August, beginning in St Bees near the Lake District before finishing last week in Robin Hood’s Bay.

Along the way Ashley, who had back-up support from Pastor Glenn Scott (Edgeside Baptist Church, Waterfoot), took in the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors National ParkAshley. It was an opportunity to pray the blessing of God across our nation and individual communities as he walked, as well as engaging people in the street and handing out around 1,000 cards.

People were able to follow and look up his progress on Facebook, and he said he had some ‘brilliant’ conversations along the way.

‘It was received extremely well,’ he revealed, ‘the coast-to-coast aspect really caught people’s imaginations. We had lots of likes and comments on Facebook, and it gave lots of opportunities to talk to people.

‘One man in Windermere said the prayer; another in North Yorkshire realised he had to go back to church, and promised that he would.

‘I’m an evangelist, I want to be out there among people and engaging them: the opportunities that arose were fabulous. We were able to put so many cards in people’s hands. It’s hopefully sowing a seed and asking God to water that seed. You just never know what will happen.’

He had a memorable end to the journey, when he was met by former Baptist Union President Pat Took, who joined him in depositing the three stones from St. Bees - representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - in the sea at Robin Hood's Bay.

Search Walk Coast to Coast - England on Facebook to see more of Ashley’s journey.  
Baptist Times, 21/08/2014
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