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Vivienne tops the polls in Perth

A Girls’ Brigade leader from Surrey has been elected as the next Girls’ Brigade International President

Vivienne Aitchison, 65, who runs 3rd Sutton group at Crown Road Baptist Church, was elected at the 11th Girls’ Brigade (GB) International Conference in Perth, Australia, earlier this month. She was previously a Vice President for GB Europe.

Girls’ Brigade works in around 50 countries around the world - providing rewarding, stretching and positive opportunities through which children and young people, between the ages of four and 18, grow and develop in confidence and skills in a Christian environment.
She said, ‘Being elected to this role is a wonderful privilege and something which, when I joined the organisation at the age of seven, I’d never have dreamt of.
‘The work of GB transforms lives as young people all around the world are given opportunities to  build their lives on sound Christian values and to grow and learn in safe and supportive environments where they’re valued, nurtured and encouraged to be the people God made them to be. What greater privilege can there be than to lead that work?’  
Vivienne’s new volunteer leadership role, for 2014-2018, will involve leading the President’s Committee - a strategic group which leads the international movement. There will be ambassadorial responsibilities as she travels to support and encourage members around the world, as well as opportunities to network and partner with others who seek to help children and young people grow and fulfil their God-given potential.
It’s Vivienne’s desire to see more and more children and young people blessed by the relational, responsive and relevant work that goes on in GB groups around the world week by week.

If you’d like to find out more about GB you can go to its website www.girlsb.org.uk or call 01246 582322 for details of your local group. 

Catherine Burt, 04/08/2014
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