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Laird Street welcomes new neighbours

Secretary Cathy Buntin shares how a small fellowship has responded to a changing area

Laird Street223Laird Street Baptist Church is a small church community serving God in The North End of Birkenhead. Over the last couple of years we have seen many changes within the fellowship and also the community around the church.  We are a church without a minister and have been running the church ourselves with the diaconate working as a team.

Our local community has been under regeneration culminating in families moving out of the area, funding coming to a halt and houses being pulled down and the area left desolate. Many would question why does the church exist in such a deprived area?

Laird street is a faithful people trusting a great God and decided to prayerfully stay and seek God for the future. 

AFRICAN DRUMMERSWithin the last six months a new community has started being built up around the church and new families moving into the area. Part of the area is still flat awaiting a new build.

On Saturday 28 June we held a welcome BBQ for our new neighbours. The rain came down and we had to do everything in the church premises but this didn't dampen the spirits of the church family. We all turned out to help and we welcomed many new people into the church where we provided burgers, sausages and drinks. 

We were entertained by some African drummers and Tony, one of our members who writes folk songs. There was face painting and balloon making for the children.

This was a great opportunity to share God's love by showing hospitality and friendship to our new neighbours.We look forward to a new and exciting chapter in the life of our church and know God has great plans for us.  
Baptist Times, 02/07/2014
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