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Innovation at Baptist Assembly 2014

Innovation, Assembly’s programme for young people, took place away from the main venue in nearby Warley Baptist Church.

Innovation250It was once again led by Viz-a-Viz ministries along with their band Taste and several volunteers. Members of the BMS Action Team from Italy were also on hand to help, as it coincided with their visit to this church.

The programme was designed to help participants reach their full potential in God, and they followed the Higher, Deeper, Wider theme by looking at the life of Peter. There was a talk each night with lots of worship and the opportunity to make responses. Games, art, photography and sport were also part of the programme

Andy Clark from Viz-a-Viz said, ‘A lot come year in, year out, and they get so much from being together. They are really hungry to learn. They just love the Innovation programme. There’s been lots of music, worship and games, and we’ve tried to make it very interactive. It was also great to have around half a dozen are new faces.

‘We’ve been able to have some good individual conversations, particularly with some people going through some difficult things. There is that space to think things through.

‘It’s been a brilliant location and we are really thankful to the church for allowing us to be here.’

Read Andy and Joy Clark's blog which has several posts from the Assembly 2014

Baptist Times, 16/05/2014
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