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Hunger petition taken to Downing Street

A Baptist minister joined others in handing in a petition calling on the Government to use this week’s Budget to act on UK food poverty

End HUnger FastUrban Expression co-founder the Revd Juliet Kilpin was among a small delegation who delivered the 70,000-strong petition to Downing Street on Tuesday.

The petition was instigated by food poverty campaigner, popular blogger and author Jack Monroe. It calls on the Government to make 19 March the ‘End Hunger budget’ by acting on welfare, wages and food markets.

Specifically the petition asks the Budget to ‘bring in a Living Wage so that families can put food on their own tables; repair the safety net of the welfare state – end punitive sanctions, the Bedroom Tax and other welfare reforms that are driving people to foodbanks; tackle rising food and energy costs, and make reference to the exponential rise in foodbanks and UK hunger. The first step is to acknowledge the elephant in the room.’

Juliet said, ‘I have been concerned about this area for some time and have done little bits to raise awareness myself. The opportunity to support it more publicly is something I am more than happy to do.’

She was joined by the theologian and religious commentator Vicky Beeching, Daily Mirror journalist Ros Wynne Jones and other clergy including Anglican priest Wealands Bell.  

The petition delivery is part of the End Hunger Fast campaign by churches to end the scandal of UK food poverty. The campaign is supported by the Baptist Union of Great Britain, and General Secretary the Revd Lynn Green is among a number of leaders taking part in a fasting relay to highlight the issues. 
Baptist Times, 18/03/2014
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