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Highlighting the stories of Christian women

A website telling the stories of women who have had significant preaching or teaching ministries or otherwise led the church has been created by a Baptist minister

Alabaster JarThe Revd Dr Steve Holmes, a writer and speaker and Senior Lecturer in Theology at the University of St Andrews, chose International Women’s Day (8 March) to launch Alabaster Jar – Stories of female leaders from church history.

He explained it began with a conversation with a female pastor of a church and prominent leader in her denomination. She commented in passing that she’d felt God’s call when she was young, but didn’t know of any role models.

‘It’s a story I’d heard before, of course,’ said Dr Holmes, ‘but the story hit me with new force then, and I made a vow that day that I would do whatever I could to make sure that the stories of the great female church leaders of the past were heard and known by daughters across the world.

‘Alabaster Jar is one way of trying to fulfil that vow.’

The site will feature women’s stories from across church history, and Dr Holmes welcomes contributions.
‘I hope it will grow to include hundreds of stories,’ he said.

‘I hope that perhaps someday a young woman sensing God’s call in a context that does not encourage her might discover some of these narratives of mothers in the faith and find the courage and faith to follow her vocation as a result. That’s all.’
Visit www.alabasterjar.org.uk
Baptist Times, 14/03/2014
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