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Building community on a new housing estate

Home Mission enables the Baptist network to provide resources where God is doing something new, and sometimes that can mean a small but strategic injection of support that makes a big difference.

A grant enabled Malcolm and Liz Cundy, Andrew and Debbie Dean in Weston-super-Mare to take part in the Crucible Course when they moved into a large new housing development on the old RAF base at Locking Parklands with the intention of building a Christ-centered community.

WEBAStorySince moving in about a year ago, they have been taking welcome bags to new residents, running a mums and tots group, heading up the Residents Community Group which has organised Easter and Harvest events, and simply having folk round for meals at least once a week.

They’re keen to stress how valuable the course has been as this work has developed, “not just in its teaching but by the encouragement we receive from other like minded people each time we go.”

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Baptist Times, 14/01/2014
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