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Teenagers lead Act of Remembrance

Four teenagers led an Act of Remembrance at Zion Baptist Church as part of the commemorations there.

The church in Union Street, Trowbridge has regular Sunday afternoon youth clubs and they held a joint event which all were invited to come.

Head of youth work Heather Skull said, ‘It’s important that we have an understanding of what remembrance is and why we are doing it.

‘For us, that was bringing together young and older people to talk about memories and why they’re important to us. And from that we moved on to talk about what remembrance means to each one of us.

‘It was really moving to put the Act of Remembrance into the hands of some of our teenagers Tabi, Josiah, Paul and Victoria and to hear them talk of those who have died in the service of their country.’

The young people also led the prayers which featured some for those working overseas in the cause of peace and justice including praying for individuals known to the church.

All those present laid poppies on a specially created plinth as part of their Act of Remembrance.
Heather Skull, 11/11/2013
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