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Spiders, snakes and bouncy church walls

Community fun day in suburban Reading entertains the crowds

Lower Earley Baptist Church was behind a new Fun Day launched last month in suburban Reading. In partnership with the local council and other voluntary groups the church brought animals, bouncy castles and even an inflatable church out into the local park.

The day was a huge success with over 250 local families attending. Thanks to a grant, entry to the event – and many of the activities – were free.

'As a church we’re really praying about how best to serve our community,' minister Keith Wilson said. 'The opportunity to come to our local park and serve with others in our community seemed to good to miss. The inflatable church was really eye catching and gave people some space to pray, talk or just relax with God.'

Another star attraction was the animal zone. Here a selection of snakes, spiders and hens could be watched and even held by the brave.

'One of our prayers is that people who enjoyed the day may considering popping in to our church. We handed out vouchers for our Saturday cafe and promoted The Marriage Course which we’re just about to start. We’re only a small church but when God prompts people to work together it’s amazing what can be achieved.'
Baptist Times, 22/10/2013
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