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Your church could do it too!

We have two events at Sidcup Baptist Church that have hardly any planning and are so simple every Baptist church could try them.

Firstly Sidcup Baptist Church Breakfast Club.  On the first Thursday of every month (so no need to worry about actual dates) we meet at our local Wetherspoon in Sidcup High St.

Time? Well we suggest around 8-45 a.m. but you can come earlier or later if you wish

Whose it for? ANYBODY You dont have to "join" the club. Just turn up on the day with any of your friends & you will be most welcome. 

How much does it cost?  It's up to you. If you just want to buy yourself a coffee -it's quite cheap. If you want a full blown breakfast it will cost you a little more!

What the programme?  We dont have one!  We just sit & chat (Yes just  sitting and chatting to each other - great )

How long does it last?  As long as you like. Pop in before work for a quick drink and away in 15 minutes. Stay for an hour to natter..that's fine?

Do I have to come every month?. No as often or as little as you please, though quite a lot make it a regular habit now.

Then we have REFRESH  Again monthly (third Thurs in month) Held in different peoples homes. Come and go as you please between 10am and 12 noon. Like the breakfast club... no programme. Just tea and cakes and a chance to get to know your friends better

Two events that have enabled us to actually enjoy each others company with no "planned programme pressures."

Try it out and see for yourself.

George Hider is on the leadership team at Sidcup Baptist Church and a trustee of CRIBS (Christian Resources in Bexley Schools)

George Hider, 30/09/2013
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