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Reading Uni Welcomes Chaplain 

November 2012

It's a key stage in life – and now students at Reading University have a new Baptist chaplain to help their transition to life on the campus

Ellie Redfern has been the youth worker at Woodley Baptist Church in Berkshire for two and a half years.
Reading Uni welcomes chaplain

Because of her passion for working with students, she approached Reading University before the start of the latest term, and after meeting with a couple of the chaplains was invited to be part of the team.

It's a part-time role, but already she has been very busy. Fresher's Week was a whirlwind, with a record attendance at the free soup lunches and BBQ the chaplaincy unit provides.

There were some great conversations with the students, and Ellie has plans to get to know them and the campus better over the coming months. Also on the horizon are trips, groups and a cookery course.

'The position came about because I am really passionate about working with students,' she explained.

'I think that the changes university life brings, re-awakens curiosity about life and faith in a way that is very different from anything else.

'I see young adults engaging with world issues and grappling with the need to establish their own identities, and this is extremely exciting.

'My hopes would be to establish and develop relationships with students, to find out what it is that makes them tick and to spend time getting to know them.

'I can't wait to see where God will take me this year, I have a feeling it will involve a lot of stepping out of my comfort zones and growing in my relationship with Him.'
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