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Church Holds Their Own Olympics 

August 2012

A church scheduled its own version of the Olympics last week - and it was no less exciting for those taking part than the real thing

Eastleigh Baptist Church near Southampton decided to carry an Olympic theme for its third ‘holiday at home’.
Church holds their own Olympic

On the Monday they held the 'Opening of the Games' and invited along a local person, Daisy Brookman, who came with the Olympic torch she had carried during the Torch Relay through Bournemouth. She lit their cauldron with guests getting the opportunity to have their photo taken with her and the torch.

Other activities during the week included a daily Olympic game like balloon hockey and volleyball, Wii games organised by the young people, afternoon entertainment from the Girls’ Brigade and a static exercise bike on which everyone tried to outdo each another with the number of miles they had cycled. On the final day, medals were awarded at the ‘Closing Ceremony’.

‘It really has been a whole church event with people giving lifts, cooking lunch, taking photos, leading crafts activities and just coming along to be there with our guests, ’ said the church’s mission coordinator, Anne Smallwood. ‘As well as the Wii, young people were giving manicures. It has been lovely to see young and old chatting together.’
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