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Greenbelt Grant for Storytelling Church

June 2012

One of the smallest Baptist churches in the country has been awarded £500 by Trust Greenbelt to develop its Stories and Songs project

Openshaw Baptist Tabernacle was asked by the local SureStart Children's Centre to organise a Christmas event for its mainly under-five clientele.
Greenbelt grant for storytelli
The result was an interactive, puppet and toy based telling of the story.

Rather more challenging for the church, which is also home to the Urban Expression Openshaw church planting team, was to tell the Easter story to an audience of pre-school children of all faiths and none.

Thanks to the support from Trust Greenbelt, the church, which is currently without a building, is now going to move its Sunday worship into the SureStart centre once a month and is developing a range of interactive storytelling resources for pre-school children.

These will be made available through the church's worship website: www.dancingscarecrow.org.uk
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